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Patrick - Senior Color Artist


I enjoy long walks, a bike ride on the beach and a good fiction novel.

Why would a client choose you?: 

As a people pleaser when a client sits in my chair they know it's all about them. I give them what they are looking for but with my special touch.


Freestyle highlighting, Vibrant Reds and Sexy and Stylish color


What is the one piece of advice you think every one of your clients should know? Just because it's trendy does not mean it's for you. Just use trends for inspiration at times.


"Patrick spent more time with me than anyone else ever had. He truly listened to my issues, and this meant a great deal to me." - Sara "I've been with him for years, everytime I get a compliment i'm reminded how great he is." - Leslie

Press, Awards & Education: 

Certified Keratin Specialist Participated in Goldwell Academy - Trend Zoom Seminar Loreal Workshops and Education


Single Process $75 Highlights start at $165 Ombre Highlights start at $250 Gloss\Color Balance $35 Womens Cuts $79 Mens Cuts $55